The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner and Christmas shopping well under way, there are always those last few people that are particularly hard to buy for, sometimes even your nearest and dearest.

Why not surprise them with a personalised gift? Personalised gifts are extra special, showing that you really have put thought into your gift this year (instead of your last minute wip around like last year). Whatever hobbies or interest your loved ones are into, something personalised is guaranteed to make a great impact on the big day.

Just because a gift is personalised so it is unique for you, doesnt mean that it has to break the bank either! We have a range of products that make affordable gifts from phone cases to hoodies.

Below we have listed our top 5 items that make great personalised gifts and the best ways to customise them using our online tool

Customised t-shirt/pyjamas

How about a gift that can be worn all year round? T-shirts make perfect gifts that will actually get used! From a simple name to a full printed image, t-shirts are super versatile and look great will a variety of customisations. We recommend vinyl printing on t-shirts as if gives a super sharp image, especially when printing text. We have a range of t-shirts from budget to premium options, you add names to them directly using the 'personalise it' button on every product page.

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts 

Personalised Phone case

A phone case is another great gift that is sure to get used! Our premium glass phone cases make perfect Christmas gifts with vibrant full colour printing of any image and even come complete with a gift box. The glass back gives a premium feel to your phone which is often lost with plastic phone cases. All of our phone cases can be customised by uploading your own image or using the personalisation tool to simply add text and background colour,

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

Personalised Mug

Know some one who is tea or coffee mad? Or maybe they're just a grump than needs a mug to remind them to cheer up! You can add custom messages or full colour images and they come individually boxed so make great gifts. Who would'nt want a mug with your face all over it?!

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

Custom Hoodie

With the winter just getting started, what better way to warm someone up than with a cosy custom hoodie. With hoodies to suit a range of budgets, a custom personalised hoodie is more affordable than you might think! We recommend the Contrast Varisty Hoodie, they come in a variety of colours and are made of nice thick material to keep you warm.

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

Personalised Facecovering

Unfortunately its looking like facecoverings may be here to stay a while longer... So why not add some festive cheer to them! Whether its a full colour print snood to keep you as warm as you are Christmassy, or a mask with a simple message to let everyone know whos boss this Christmas, we have a range of options that can all per personalised online in just a few clicks!

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

Bonus Gifts

Gym Sac

Our personalised gym sacs are perfect for every fitness freak, add names or initials to give them that custom touch.

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts


Know someone who always has 'their seat' in the house? Why not treat them to a humorous personalised coaster to make sure theres never any confusion!

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts


Heres a gift no one will see coming! How about a personalised umbrella to keep you dry on those long winter walks?

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts


How about a personalised keyring to remind someone how loved they are? or add cute pictures of your favourite pet! The options are endless and keyrings make great budget stocking fillers that still have that personal touch. 

The Ultimate Guide To Personalised Christmas Gifts

All of the items above and many more can be found in our online shop and every item can be personalised instantly to turn them into an extra special gift this Christmas!


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