Welcome to the Trustsport blog

Welcome to the Trustsport blog

Welcome to the Trustsport blog! Here we are going share industry tips on how to make your business stand out through branding and marketing, along with what makes us tick and why you can trust Trustsport.

First, a bit about us.

We were founded in 2006 as a social enterprise, with our main goal being to give back to the community and encourage young people to take up sports at a grassroots level.

We saw that a lot of used sports kits from places such as professional academies were going to waste and knew that this could be an opportunity to give back to the community. We took the kits, refurbished and rebranded them so that they could be used again.

When starting out, many grassroots sports teams in local communities do not have the funds available to buy the kit and equipment they need. Trustsport donated our newly refurbished kits to teams with no funding available, allowing them to get a team together and get out on the pitch.

Over the following years, we expanded and invested in print and embroidery machines that allowed us to embellish and supply brand new sportswear. This allowed us to supply existing teams as well as new start ups, all whilst keeping our core values of giving back to the community.

Gradually we have grown to supply not just sportswear, but into a full range of customised garments including workwear, fashion and merchandise such as bags and accessories.

Where we are today.

Now after 14 years we have gained vast experience in branding and merchandising, offering a wide range of customisation options and products. We have the latest in digital embroidery and printing machinery capable of making the most elaborate designs come to life. Our in house design team is on hand to tackle any creative challenge, from ensuring our brand looks the best it can be, to designing a completely new logo for a startup business.

We have embellished several millions of garments for a variety of industries, from workwear for a full range of trades to clothing lines for boutique fashion brands.

At Trustport we believe that no job is too big, or too small and we strive to provide the best possible service to every single customer. Our company was built on trust and giving back to the community, values that we continue to push to this day.

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